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Chef's delight

Chef's delight

Le Mousse Café, a solidarity cooperative, highlights its producer members in a series of exclusive interviews. What is a producer member? It's a supplier who has acquired shares in the cooperative, with whom we have developed a privileged relationship and from whom we get our supplies on a priority basis. The producer member adds value to our social economy enterprise and contributes to its development.


Chef's delight

Patrick Fregni, President

The Plaisirs du Chef is first and foremost a processing center for regional food products.

Indeed, Mr. Patrick Fregni informs us of aspects that are less known about Plaisirs du Chef: they prepare, among other things, recipes for their restaurant partners , innkeepers or retailers. These recipes are standardized and set up for their respective distribution markets. These recipes are recreated or reproduced with the raw materials of the producers.

Food production

As an example ,Laiterie Charlevoix has them make the Charlevoix Fondue as well as La Drave de CharlevoixThey supply the cheeses, which are transformed into ready-made fondues, vacuum-packed in their own packaging, and then sent to their distribution center in Montreal. Aux Terroirsand at the Grand Marché in Quebec City, La Rumeur Affamée in Sutton, not to mention the Laiterie Charlevoix boutique in Baie-Saint-Paul.  


  • Soups and broths for the Mousse café
  • Vegan dish for the Quebec City Convention Centre

They also count among their clients: the Auberge des Balcons, the Oiseau Bleu farm, as well as several retailers, restaurants and inns in the region.

Quite rare

Plaisirs du Chef holds a C1 cooking permit cooking permit for various recipes, sold throughout Quebec, as well as a federal federal dairy manufacturing permit for cheese-based recipes, sold throughout Canada throughout Canada..

In addition, Plaisirs du Chef is able to provide information about nutritional values to be included on the packaging, in order to include them in the concept and development of the image of a product.

Charlevoix Region 

The proximity of their clients and partners,located in Charlevoix, favours a short circuit for the exchange of raw materials: an important advantage.

An evolving market

Some restaurant owners, innkeepers or retailers are facing a labour shortage; in this case, Plaisirs du chef can help ease their production burden.

And for that thank you, Chef's Pleasures!!!  

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