Sam the Mess in Egypt

Category: Board game

Sam messes up the rainbows... Be the fastest to spot Sam's mistakes by finding the missing or duplicate color in each rainbow!

The principle of the game is very simple: to win the exposed card, you must discover the missing or duplicate color of the illustrated rainbow.

First, the 7 color cards of the rainbow are placed in a circle. In the center, we put the "zero-duo" card: when the "zero" side is exposed, we must find the MISSING color of the rainbow. And if the card is on the "duo" side, you must find the color that is present TWICE.

Here we go! The first card of the deck is revealed and, following the "zero-double" card, you tap on the color card you are looking for. The fastest player wins the rainbow card.

When the deck is exhausted, the player who has won the most wins the game.

Age: 6 years and older
Duration: 10 minutes