Smitten / microgame (french)

Category: Board game

In Smitten you create two boards of 9 cards representing the games published by Stonemaier games and beautifully reillustrated for the occasion by Vincent Dutrait.

Each card will have an effect when it is placed, so it will be up to you to manage its effects so that they do not block you.

A puzzle in the form of an array of power cards designed by Jamey Stiegmaier to celebrate the 10th anniversary of his publishing house.

- A cooperative game by Jamey Stiegmaier in the universe of all the games of Stonemaier Games reillustrated by Vincent Dutrait.
- The players do not take turns, they decide who will play.
- The cards have constraints and the players will have to manage them as well as possible

Age: 10+.
Number of players: 1-2
Duration: 10 min